Performance Guarantee

It comes to successful debt recovery, time is money. That’s because your money are depreciating every day they sit uncollected. We understand the urgency involved, and that’s why we offer our 30 to 60 –Day Performance Guarantee.
When you place a claim/ File with Harvest Tanzania, you are guaranteed to receive the following services:

  • You’ll receive an email, fax or regular mail acknowledgment that we received your claim.
  • We will send an immediate demand notice to the customer, followed up by a call from one of our highly skilled collection agents who will attempt to secure payment in full, arrange an acceptable payment plan, or accept an authorized account settlement.
  • Our Experienced Staff know how to quickly resolve disputes and avoid unnecessary delay tactics. Should the debtor dispute the amount, our professionals will immediately determine the validity of the dispute, provide the debtor with proof of debt, eliminate any inaccuracies and resolve the dispute. Alternatively, we will advise the client to open law suit for any unresolved claims.