Our Rates

Our rates are based on a “NO COLLECTION / NO FEE PAYABLE”, a fee arrangement that remains intact from initial demand letter. Because there are vast differences in account types and placements, our fee arrangements and collection services are tailored to your company’s specific needs. The amount we charge is variable and depends on the type and age of the debt and the location of the customer. This will be discussed fully with you before any collection activity commences.

Please note that all charges are subject to VAT and this cannot be passed on to your customer.


In order for us to provide you with our most competitive quotation please supply us with as much information as possible. One of our experienced consultants will then conduct an assessment of your claim(s) and provide you with an email quotation based upon the available facts. Ordinarily this should take less than 5 minutes and all information provided will be treated as confidential. Some or all of the following information will be required:

  • Age of Debt
  • Sector
  • Value and Volume
  • Location

It is important for us, as it would be for any reputable collection agency, to have a thorough understanding of any case before we undertake work on your behalf. It is equally important that we are informed of all the facts in order to provide you with a quotation that is fair for all parties. If we believe we are unsuitable for your requirements we will advise you.