International Credit Report

An overseas company requests a credit account with your business. How can you safeguard your Investment? International Credit Reports provide you with valuable information that will assist you in making a credit application decision, wherever your client is located.

  • Corporate background
  • Directors & Shareholders Data
  • Financial Data
  • Operations & Trade background
  • Offering credit facilities can see your business grow at a phenomenal rate, however it is essential to know and limit your risk.
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In today’s complex and fast-changing global business environment, obtaining independent and reliable verification of a company’s business credentials, background and level of reliability is not always an easy task. We help you to identify the opportunities, manage the risk, minimize the cost, secure the transaction and optimize your supply chain in Tanzania or abroad.

Through partnering Global Credit Information services Pty we dedicated to providing tailor-made sourcing and supplier verification services to foreign SME. With service network reaches all the world, our in-house expert team will use their expertise, knowledge and experience to find one-stop cost-effective solution for you at affordable price, which will greatly add value to your business.

Harvest Tanzania Ltd understands the need for a single integrated credit information platform on the region and through our partner Global Credit Services Pty-Taiwan provides that solution, combining the resources of more than credit professionals throughout the world, and smart I.T. solutions for production, processing, and delivery of credit reports.



An instant check on companies.
A quick and inexpensive correlation of basic corporate details including key area of business, product lines, Chairman, and confirmation of foreign ownership;
Preliminary input of intelligence to the development of market entrance strategies through already in the market.


Includes all the data fields which are listed for a Basic Report, plus an additional six (6) key areas of information, including (when available):

  • Senior Corporate Management
  • Directors
  • Financials
  • Related Financial data
  • Number of branches within the country
  • Details on branches, including, location, contact details and management


A cost-effective method of checking a company’s background, prior to entering into business discussions or negotiations;
The credit-worthiness of a potential agent or representative of your company;
Competitor analysis;
Verification of a company’s track record and history of any previous adverse business dealings.

Real-time correlation of data on a company’s business activities;
Identification of changes that may have recently occurred in a trading partner’s organization;
A check on current ownership and senior management of a company prior to initiating important correspondence or litigation;
Input to any form of short-listing and final assessment of competitors, contractors, agents, licensees or key players within an industry;
Credit worthiness and credit limits for trade financing;
Up-date on any adverse business dealings.


provides subscribers with the ability to confirm the legal status of businesses anywhere in the world, regardless of whether the entity is found to exist on the Harvest Tanzania Ltd database.

There are two types of searches possible:

  • Database Company Search & Validation
    This mechanism provides access to records as currently available in Harvest database.
  • Fresh Check Company Search & Validation
    In instances whereby it is essential for subscribers to obtain the most current records registered with local government offices responsible for corporate registration, Harvest Tanzania Ltd investigators will check with local authorities, and confirm the current legal status of that entity.

In instances, whereby it is found that the business entity does NOT exist, a report will be prepared and emailed to the subscriber, confirming:

The date on which government records were checked.
The name of the government office at which the search was conducted.
A confirmation that no entity by the specified name was found.
In instances, whereby it is found that the business entity does exist, Harvest Tanzania Ltd investigators will provide up-to-the-minute confirmation of the following data fields:

  • Legal Business Entity Name
  • Registration Number (where applicable)
  • Type of License
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Ownership (where available)
  • Legally registered place of business